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Beware of Counterfeit ELIDE FIRE Products on Flipkart

Last updated: 28 Apr 2024  |  574 Views  | 

Beware of Counterfeit ELIDE FIRE Products on Flipkart

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,
We are issuing an urgent warning about the presence of counterfeit ELIDE FIRE products being sold on Flipkart.com. It has come to our attention that unauthorized sellers are using our trademarked name, images, and logos illegally to market these fake products. These listings are not only unlawful but also misleading, as they do not originate from us nor meet our rigorous standards of quality and safety.

Safety and Health Risks Associated with Counterfeit Products
The counterfeit products found on Flipkart.com have not been tested, verified, nor certified by any reputable standards organizations. This raises significant safety and health risks, as these products may fail to operate correctly during critical moments, potentially leading to severe injuries or damage. The composition and quality of these fake products are unknown and could contain hazardous materials that are unsafe for home or commercial use.

Our Stance and Actions
ELIDE FIRE is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality in all our products. We rigorously test and certify our products to comply with international safety standards, ensuring they perform effectively and safely. We do not authorize the sale of our products through Flipkart.com, and any ELIDE FIRE product purchased there is likely to be counterfeit.

Warning to Consumers
We urge all our customers to remain vigilant and purchase ELIDE FIRE products exclusively from authorized distributors and directly from our official website. This is the only way to guarantee that you are receiving genuine and safe products. Please check the legitimacy of any ELIDE FIRE product through our official verification system before making a purchase.

Taking Action
We are actively working with legal teams and online platforms to remove these counterfeit listings and taking steps to prevent future occurrences. If you suspect a product is counterfeit or if you encounter suspicious listings, please contact us immediately at contact@elidefire.com

We appreciate your attention to this matter and your continued support in ensuring safety and authenticity in every purchase.

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