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In 1997, an event of devastating fire broke out in the Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya. Mr. Phanawatnan (formerly Woradech) was at the scene as part of the community service. The tragic event inspired him to begin his research to develop equipment for helping people prevent fire at an early stage and to reduce the spreading damage of the fire. This tragedy resulted in the loss of lives and properties worth hundreds of millions. Mr. Phanawatnan (formerly Woradech) Kaimart successfully invented the device in 1998. The invention is named the “FIRE extinguishing ball” 
inventor fire extinguishing ball

The Inventor of the "Fire Extinguishing Ball"
Mr. Phanawatnun Kaimart, also known as Woradech Kaimart, is the inventor of the Fire Extinguishing Ball, a device designed to combat fires more efficiently and safely. His invention emerged from the recognition of the inherent risks and challenges associated with traditional fire extinguishers, such as the need for close proximity to the fire and the requisite physical strength to operate them effectively.

Mr. Kaimart's innovative approach led to the development of a fire suppression device that activates upon contact with fire, releasing extinguishing chemicals automatically without human intervention. This invention has been particularly impactful in providing an accessible fire safety solution for a wide demographic, including those who may not have the ability or training to use a traditional fire extinguisher.

The Fire Extinguishing Ball is a testament to Mr. Kaimart's ingenuity and his commitment to enhancing fire safety. His work reflects a dedication to innovation in the field of fire protection, creating products that are not only effective in extinguishing fires but also environmentally friendly and easy to use. The impact of Mr. Kaimart's invention has been recognized internationally, with the Fire Extinguishing Ball being adopted in various settings worldwide, from residential homes to commercial and industrial facilities. His contribution to fire safety continues to be celebrated as his invention saves lives and protects property from the devastating effects of fires.

Mr. Phanawatnan has received numerous national & international awards

beginning with accepting awards at the Research Council of Thailand. Later in the same year, he was invited to take part in the
Brussels Eureka Contest in the Kingdom of Belgium which is the first time to receive the international award in 2001.

The award lists are as follows:

1) Gold Medal with Mention from Eureka, Brussels the Kingdom of Belgium (The Gold Medal with Mention from Eureka Organization, Brussels Belgium, 2001)

2) Being an international award from Russia Ministry of Emergency and Safety by the Deputy Minister of Russia Ministry of Emergency and Safety Federal state of Zia Is bestowed with the Best Human Invention in Human Security and Saving Award from Russia at Brussels Eureka 2001.

3) Received an award for an excellent invention From the Bulgarian and American Chamber of Commerce Received from the president Republic of Bulgaria 2001 (Award from Bulgarian American Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Brussels Eureka 2001)

In 2008, we have received many awards such as

1. Received the WIPO Award for Outstanding Inventors from World Intellectual Property Organization at the 1st IIDC Day, Bangkok 2008

2. Received Semi-Prize, Korean Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), the Seoul International. Invention Fair 2008, Seoul – Korea

3. Received the Award for the High Technical Level of Epitome the Creative Idea, Federal Agency for Science and Innovations of Russian Federation, the Seoul International Invention Fair 2008, Seoul – Korea.

Recently, we received the award at the 33rd World Intelligence Conference in Tokyo, Japan 2019 two following

1. The 33rd World Genius Convention, Tokyo, Japan 2019.

2. Tokyo Award, the 33rd World Genius Convention, Tokyo, Japan 2019.

see the received awards here



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