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original fire extinguishing ball

Original Fire Extinguishing Ball by Manufacturer founded in 1998 in Thailand.
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WHAT IS ELIDE FIRE® Fire Extinguishing Ball?

ELIDE FIRE® Fire Extinguishing Ball or Fire Fighting Ball is the first self-activating handheld extinguishing device commercially available. Upon contacting the flame, the breaker activates and the dry chemical is dispersed, covering a fire area of 2-4m3  (13 ft2– equivalent to the standard 5 lb content extinguisher). The outward circular force from the ELIDE FIRE® Fire Extinguishing Ball blast will assist in removing the oxygen from the fire area, and the dry chemical will extinguish the fire.

Fire Extinguishing Ball has been developed to address many of the problems and limitations associated with standard fire extinguishers. One of its key features is the ability to be installed virtually anywhere and in all places, making it an adaptable solution for a variety of environments, from homes and offices to vehicles and industrial settings. This versatility is a significant advancement, as traditional fire extinguishers often require specific mounting requirements and can be cumbersome to transport and operate. It contains the extinguishing agents found similar to standard extinguishers and can be used to stop fire classes A, B, C, F, and G.  It is simple to use and adds additional protection in that it will self-activate in the presence of fire without human intervention.


The problems of

traditional firefighting equipment

While fire extinguisher tanks are invaluable in providing immediate response to a fire outbreak, their utility is sometimes hampered by the need for manual operation, which can be a barrier in high-stress situations. They are also limited by weight, requiring physical strength to operate effectively, and by the range of discharge, which necessitates close proximity to the fire.

Problems with Fire Extinguisher Tanks

  1. Manual Operation: This requires an individual to operate, which can be difficult under stress.
  2. Weight: Often too heavy for easy use by all individuals, particularly those with strength limitations.
  3. Limited Reach: Limited range requires close proximity to flames, increasing risk.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Need for ongoing servicing to ensure functionality.
  5. Training Required: Effective use requires training to avoid user errors.
  6. Visibility: Can be obstructed or difficult to find in an emergency if not properly indicated.
  7. Single Use: Once discharged, they are not immediately reusable and require refilling.
  8. Residue Cleanup: Some Extinguishing Agents such as foam or liquid types can leave a residue that is hard to clean and can damage materials.
  9. Inspection Schedule: They must be inspected frequently, which can be overlooked, leading to expired or non-functional extinguishers.
  10. Pressure Sensitivity: Can lose pressure over time, making them unreliable without regular checks.

Problems with Fire Sprinkler Systems

  1. Costly Installation: High installation costs, especially in retrofitting older buildings.
  2. Accidental Discharge: Prone to accidental activation, leading to water damage.
  3. Aesthetic Disruption: Pipes and sprinkler heads can intrude on the visual design of a space.
  4. Water Damage: Potential for extensive water damage to property and assets.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Require regular professional inspections to ensure operability.
  6. Limited Effectiveness: In some fires, such as electrical or grease fires, water can be ineffective or even dangerous.
  7. Coverage Gaps: Can have coverage blind spots, especially in complex architectural designs.
  8. Freezing Risk: In cold climates, there's a risk of pipes freezing and bursting.
  9. Water Supply Dependency: Reliant on an adequate water supply, which can be compromised during droughts or in remote areas.
  10. Systemic Failure Risk: If one part of the system fails, it can compromise fire safety in an entire section of a building.

Fire Extinguisher Tanks and Fire Fighting Balls

While fire extinguisher tanks are invaluable in providing immediate response to a fire outbreak, their utility is sometimes hampered by the need for manual operation, which can be a barrier in high-stress situations. They are also limited by weight, requiring physical strength to operate effectively, and by the range of discharge, which necessitates close proximity to the fire.

However, when used in conjunction with innovative products like Fire Fighting Balls, the limitations of traditional fire extinguishers can be mitigated. Fire Fighting Balls offer an automatic response to fires, activating upon contact with flames, which makes them an excellent complementary tool. They can be strategically placed in high-risk areas where they can self-activate, providing an additional layer of safety. This synergy between traditional fire extinguisher tanks and Fire Fighting Balls creates a more robust and comprehensive fire protection system, enhancing safety and preserving assets and lives by addressing a broader range of fire emergency scenarios.

Incorporating Fire Fighting Balls into existing fire protection systems, like fire sprinklers, can significantly enhance fire safety, especially in areas where sprinklers may be less effective or inappropriate, such as in electrical cabinets or archive rooms. By adding Fire Fighting Balls to the fire protection plan, facilities can achieve a higher level of preparedness for electrical fires and protect sensitive areas that traditional sprinkler systems cannot cover. This integrated approach to fire safety helps safeguard against a broader range of fire scenarios, ultimately enhancing protection for both people and property.

Integration with Electrical Cabinets
Electrical cabinets are often densely packed with wires and components that can be a source of electrical fires. Traditional sprinkler systems are not suitable for such environments due to the risk of water damage to electrical components and the potential for causing electrical shorts. Fire Fighting Balls can be installed inside or near electrical cabinets to provide targeted fire suppression without the risks associated with water-based systems. Since they activate upon contact with flames and release non-conductive extinguishing agents, they are ideal for protecting sensitive electrical equipment. This also ensures that in the event of a fire, the extinguishing action is localized, minimizing damage and downtime.

Archive Room Application
Archive rooms contain valuable documents and materials that can be irreplaceably damaged by water from sprinkler systems. The Fire Fighting Ball provides a suitable alternative by offering a dry suppression method that will not harm paper or other delicate materials. By placing Fire Fighting Balls in strategic locations throughout an archive room, they can serve as an immediate fire suppression method that activates in the presence of fire, providing protection until the sprinkler system activates or additional help arrives. This dual-layer protection ensures that valuable documents are not destroyed by the initial fire or the subsequent sprinkler discharge.

Continuous development and research

Even now, we are developing our improving the automatic fire fighting ball or fire extinguishing ball. We have been researching and developing innovative firefighting innovations, based on the 1.3 kg “Elide Fire Ball”, a model for fire prevention researched and developed to be small, compact, and lightweight.  Together with inventors and scientists to meet the needs of small consumers we also developed a smaller model 0.4 KG that can focus on preventing fire from electrical short circuits and can be installed inside vehicle engines. We developed the performance of the LIFESAVER series of ELIDE FIRE to extinguish the fire in the engine room within 3-30 seconds.

In contrast, people misunderstand that a circuit breaker will cut off an electrical system automatically if there is a problem and the fire will not spread. But, when an electric gets overloaded, the insulation that covers the electric wire will be melted and reach the flashpoint. At that time the circuit breaker will not cut off, and the power will only shut off when the insulation is burned. The positive (+) and negative (-) wires were hit. 

The 0.4 kg fire fighting ball model has been researched and developed for use in the car engine room for automatic surveillance and extinguishing a fire at the risk point that might cause an electric short circuit from using electricity. Also, it was invented for surveillance an electric appliance that is always used 24/7 until it reaches a lifetime. Every unit of Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls has been researched and tested by The Department of Science and Technology Services. It was tested and certified by Europe and its testing was approved by International Standards and now with TIS 3413-2565 by Thailand National Industrial Standards. Moreover, the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball has been granted ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Certification from TUV SUD, Germany.

There is quality control of the product, which starts from the process of receiving the raw materials used in production with a standard inspection from inventors. After the production is completed, there will be product testing before delivery to our distributors in order to ensure that every unit of our products has the best quality, and efficiency and can be used safely. There is also a QR code on every product as a certificate of authenticity. Therefore, the users can be confident that “Elide Fire Extinguishing ball” has accurately passed the quality according to the International Standard ISO 9001 which is an international set of quality standards that are agreed upon and accepted worldwide by using the quality policy principle “Advanced products, feel customers, continuously develop “. Today, the products have been tested in accordance with the civilian safety standards in the European Union both in the environment and in humans. ELIDE FIRE Fire Fighting Ball has passed the TISI standard certification, CE 1395, and BSI certification of the European Union through product safety inspection procedures in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission.


Features of the ELIDE FIRE® Fire Fighting Ball

  1. Self-Activation: The ball is self-activating within seconds of contact with a flame, requiring no human intervention, which is essential for immediate fire suppression.
  2. Lightweight Design: Unlike heavy traditional fire extinguishers, the Fire Fighting Ball is lightweight, making it accessible and easy to use for people of all ages and strengths.
  3. Non-Toxic Extinguishing Agent: The extinguishing chemicals within the ball are non-toxic and safe for humans, pets, and the environment.
  4. No Maintenance Required: It does not require the maintenance, servicing, or inspection that traditional fire extinguishers need, offering a hassle-free solution.
  5. Multi-Fire Capability: It can extinguish various types of fires, including class A, B, C, F, and G (TIS. 3413-2565) making it versatile for different fire scenarios.
  6. Sound Alert: The ball emits a loud noise upon activation, serving as an alarm to warn people in the vicinity of the fire.
  7. Eco-Friendly: The materials used are environmentally friendly, and the ball is biodegradable, minimizing the ecological footprint of fire suppression efforts.
  8. Five-Year Lifespan: It has a long lifespan of five years, during which it requires no checks or refills, providing a long-term fire safety solution.
  9. No Training Necessary: Its ease of use eliminates the need for extensive training, and instructions are simple enough for immediate understanding and action.
  10. Wide Application: Suitable for installation in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, vehicles, factories, and even electrical cabinets, thanks to its non-conductive extinguishing agent.

The ELIDE FIRE Fire Fighting Ball represents a significant innovation in fire safety technology, combining effectiveness with user-friendliness and environmental considerations.



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